Labour Energy Forum is an independent think tank and pressure group, composed of Labour Party members coming together to debate and promote a progressive and just vision for our energy future.

Our energy system is in crisis. Fuel poverty is unacceptable. The climate transition is too slow. Fossil fuels are subsidised, but a just transition for workers is not in sight. Large energy multinationals make enormous profits, while energy users and the public are excluded from decision-making  over our energy future.

But a just and rapid transition to energy democracy is possible, and Labour needs to be part of making it happen.

Labour Energy Forum is a space to discuss, develop and promote bold and visionary proposals and solutions.

Labour Energy Forum will host a diversity of opinions, but is itself committed to:

A socially just, democratic and ecologically sustainable energy system
Sustainable and clean re-industrialisation
A democratic alternative to a privatised, fossil fuel-focused energy system
An intersectional understanding of power and oppression
Photo credit: Belfast Harbour

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