We’re excited to announce the line-up for our 2017 Labour Conference fringe programme.

Repowering Britain: 12 events to imagine the future we want to live in. Bold left visions for warm homes, smart cities, new industry, radical democracy and clean energy.

  • Rebecca Long-Bailey MP
  • Clive Lewis MP
  • Paul Mason
  • Chi Onwurah MP
  • Lisa Nandy MP
  • Mayor Marvin Rees
  • Owen Jones
  • Marsha de Cordova MP

and so many more!

We’ll be based out of Buddies Cafe Bar, 46 King’s Road, Brighton BN1 1NA – just one minute along the seafront from the Brighton Centre.

Accessibility information: Our venue is wheelchair-accessible from the street. Unfortunately the toilets are located in the basement down a spiral staircase. Toilets are gendered male and female. Sound will be amplified. We are investigating supplying a T-Loop. We are not able to offer sign language interpreting. Free creche for children accompanying adults with Labour Conference passes is provided at Conference. If you have any enquiries about access needs that aren’t covered here, please email info@labourenergy.org with the subject line ‘Access’.

Monday 25 September


Repowering Britain: Who Owns the Transport Future? (co-hosted by We Own It)

Rachel Maskell MP (Shadow Transport Minister), Leonie Cooper AM, Manuel Cortes (General Secretary TSSA), Anna Galkina (Platform), Cat Hobbs (We Own It)

21st century transport is changing. The end of the petrol engine, decline in private car ownership, smarter public transport. Who will own the automated electric vehicles of the future – Uber or the people?

more details & register here


Organising from the roots: how Labour can work with social movements

Martin Smith (Head of Organising, Labour Party), Hilary Wainwright (Red Pepper), Cllr Aydin DikerdemEwa Jasiewicz, (Activist, Union Organiser NEU & Unite), Jim Matheson(Glasgow), Farzana Khan (Platform)

With Corbyn’s promise of ‘a different kind of politics’, how can Labour collaborate with and support community struggles, without co-opting them? And what can we learn from radical cities like Barcelona?

more details & register here


Climate Transition for our cities and our jobs

Andy Burnham (Mayor of Manchester – tbc), Felicity Premru (TSSA), Dave Watson (UNISON Scotland), Emma Hughes (Platform London), Franziska Paul (University of Glasgow), Melanie Smallman (SERA – tbc), Jonathan Atkinson (Carbon Co-op)

Councils can create thousands of decent jobs, keep energy revenues local, end fuel poverty and shift to 100% clean power. German cities like Munich are doing it. Is Labour ready to show leadership?

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Radical Municipal Democracy – How can Labour councils deliver for the Many not the Few?

Marsha de Cordova MPCllr Matthew Brown (Preston City Council), Cllr Dan Iley-Williamson (Oxford), Natasha Nkonde (GLC Story – tbc), Laia Bertran (Barcelona en Comu), Mika Minio-Paluello (Project 2022)

Town hall politics should hand power back to communities and build social housing, not promote gentrification. How can Labour democratise our city councils and build 21st century municipal socialism?

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Mass deportations – Theresa May & New Labour’s Shameful Migration Secret (co-hosted by Lesbians & Gays Support the Migrants)

Dianne Abbott (Shadow Home Secretary),Owen Jones (journalist), Aderonke Apata (LGBT activist, Labour member, former Yarls Wood detainee), Jo Ram (End Deportations, on trial for preventing a mass deportation flight), Shanthi Sivakumaran (Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers), Rachel Shabi (tbc)

Secret mass deportations are violent and abusive, like Trump’s Muslim ban. Labour introduced the practice in the 1990s – how can we end it and build a more humane vision for immigration? Co-hosted by Lesbians & Gays Support the Migrants

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Tuesday 26 September


Repowering Britain: Who Owns the Energy Future?

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP (Shadow Secretary of State for BEIS), Clive Lewis MPMika Minio-Paluello (Labour Energy Forum), Cat Hobbs (We Own It), Ajai Ahluwalia (Offshore Wind engineer), Sam Mason (PCS)

Wind, solar, tidal and energy storage will transform our lives. Can the clean future be democratically owned by the people? Launching Labour Energy Forum’s report “Who Owns the Wind, Owns the Future”.

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Repowering England: building a progressive truly-left vision for England (that doesn’t reinforce racist values)

Lisa Nandy MPClive Lewis MPDavid Babbs (Executive Director – 38 Degrees), David Wearing (journalist), Rowenna Davis (tbc), Jane Trowell (Platform)

Millions of people describe being ‘English’ as more important to them than being British. Can Labour tell a progressive story for England in the 21st century, that supports solidarity not xenophobia? #devolution

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Winning working class votes with a leftwing clean Industrial Strategy?

Chi Onwurah MP (Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy), Paul Mason (journalist), Lisa Nandy MPClive Lewis MPRichard Leonard MSP (Scottish Shadow Secretary for Industrial Strategy), John Storey (Unite), Christine Berry (SPERI), Mika Minio-Paluello (Labour Energy Forum)

Climate change poses stark challenges for workforces in polluting industries – many loyal to Labour. How do we build a 21st century, reindustrialised, democratised economy? Can regions abandoned by Conservatives – from Clydeside to Tyneside, South Wales to Yorkshire – play a leading role?

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What’s a truly Left vision for the arts/culture? (because it’s not yet in the Labour manifesto…)

Ashish Ghadiali (filmmaker), Harpreet Kaur (Cultural Consultant), Julie Ward MEP, Gary Anderson (Senior Lecturer in Drama, Liverpool Hope University; Artists for Corbyn), Jess Worth (Culture Unstained), Clara Paillard (President PCS union, Culture Sector)

Government cuts are denying universal entitlement to culture, arts, and arts education, ensuring they’re evermore colonised as white, middle-class, monied activities. How can Labour truly democratise culture, and have it contribute to a world beyond climate change?

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Winning with Public Power; municipal energy can end fuel poverty and accelerate climate action

Marvin Rees (Mayor of Bristol), Syed Ahmed (Energy for London), Cllr Steve Battlemuch (Director of Robin Hood Energy), Cllr Claudia Webbe (Islington – Cabinet Lead for Energy), Andy Cumbers (Adam Smith Business School), Emma Hughes (Switched on London), Jon Burke (Cabinet Member for Energy, Hackney Council), Laura Williams (Energy Democracy Greater Manchester)

Clean, cheap, democratic public energy can end the Big 6 rip-off. Our manifesto promised public energy in every region, and some Labour councils have already set up supply companies – so what next?

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Labour Divests from Fossil Fuels: Building a New Economy

Rupa Huq MPKerry McCarthy MPAllison Roche (UNISON), Cllr Simon Miller (tbc), Sakina Sheikh (Labour Energy Forum), Helen Hayes MP, Anna Birley (Lambeth councillor), Sarah Shoraka (Platform)

£14 billion of local council pension funds are in fossil fuels. Divesting can free up capital to reinvest into social housing, clean energy, and public transport – building a fossil free future.

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Can we stop fracking from Lancashire to Algeria; Decolonising our Energy

Catherine West MPClaudia Beamish MSP (Scottish Shadow Secretary for Environment & Climate Change), Hamza Hamouchene (Environmental Justice North Africa), Asad Rehman (War on Want), Sam Roddick, Yasmin Qureshi MP, Jo Ram (Platform)

British corporations like BP and Cuadrilla are trying to impose fracking from Argentina and Algeria to Lancashire. How can Labour show leadership and fight for clean jobs, water and the climate?

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