We’ll be at Labour Conference in Liverpool this year, discussing how Labour can step up to the climate challenge and deliver energy democracy and a just transition.

Labour Energy Forum is organising two events at The World Transformed

Saturday 11:00-12:30    Floods and Forest Fires: Living the Climate Crisis   (Black-E Theatre)
Across the world people are waking up to the human costs of the climate crisis and its colonial dimensions. From devastating floods in Bangladesh, to the raging wildfires across the globe this summer – the need for climate action is now. Labour is taking bold steps towards Climate Justice such as opposing fracking in our backyard – but British corporations are still imposing dangerous fracking projects abroad supported by the Tory government. Join a panel of grassroots activists to discuss how we move from the climate crisis to Climate Justice.

Speakers incl:
Tahir Latif, PCS Union Aviation Group president
Anna Markova, Platform and author of “BP’s fracking secrets”
Joshua Virasami
Local fracking speaker

Tuesday 17:30-19:00    Cities in the Fight Against Climate Change (Hinterlands Theatre)
The climate challenge means a wholesale transformation of our housing, transport, economic and social structures. Labour councils can lead in the Climate fightback and can create thousands of decent jobs, keep energy revenues local, end fuel poverty and shift to 100% clean power. Corbyn has created space for a 21st century municipal socialism. Town hall politics can hand power back to communities; it’s time to get moving.

Cllr Sakina Sheikh (Lewisham Labour councillor and campaigner for Labour Energy Forum)
Fliss Premru (trade unionist and Film-maker // Reel News)
Kevin Frea (Labour councillor and activist for Red Green Labour)
Mika Minio-Paluello (Energy Economist, Energy Democracy Project)
Cllr Steve Battlemuch (Director of Robin Hood Energy and Nottingham councillor)


We are also supporting this

Tuesday 13:00-14:30 Artists4Corbyn: ‘The People Will Possess the Wind’  (Hinterlands Entrance)
On Sunday 23 September Artists4Corbyn will have undertaken a journey by boat to the wind farm off the Liverpool coastline known as Burbo Bank in order to kick-start the bringing of off shore wind energy into public ownership. Join us to find out how the trip went and to get involved in a creative intervention into taking the power of the wind into public ownership.