Who Owns The Wind, Owns The FutureOffshore wind will power the UK across the 21st century, transforming our lives and industry. This Labour Energy Forum report provides the first ever breakdown of who owns existing UK offshore wind installations. We reveal that the resource is predominantly controlled by foreign or private companies. The UK public is missing out on a huge opportunity to secure revenues and jobs for decades to come, and Labour could lead with a vision for Public Offshore Wind.

September 2017

Investing Council Pensions

  • Local government pension schemes invest £14bn in fossil fuels
  • Fossil fuels are on their way out
  • Trade Unions need to take centre stage in the climate transition
  • The money invested in fossil fuels can be reinvested into social housing, renewable energy, and high-tech clean jobs
  • Councils can lead the way!

June 2017

Grid warning: #VampireKangaroo Macquarie in bid to buy UK’s gas pipe network

  • Macquarie and China investment bank in £5.4bn deal to buy half of UK’s gas network
  • PM ignoring role of China in gas infrastructure purchase
  • Process of asset-stripping underway as Macquarie lads debt onto gas network
  • Risks of higher bills, dangerous gas pipes, postponed decarbonising
  • Deal to be completed by March
  • Opportunity for Labour to make deal controversial, highlight Conservative inaction

January 2017

Protecting Our PlanetJeremy Corbyn manifesto policy oautline on Energy & Environment during leadership campaign

August 2015

Lisa Nandy speech on democratising energy

Lisa Nandy, Shadow Minister for Energy & Climate Change, used her speech at Labour’s 2015 Annual Conference to announce plans to democratise energy and put “people back in charge”. Promoting community-based energy companies and cooperatives that could provide a new powerhouse in the UK and ensure a more just energy system for us all. She backed energy municipalisation like Nottingham’s new Robin Hood Energy.

Our pensions, our communities, our planet: How to reinvest our pensions for our good?Local governments in the UK invest over £14 billion of public sector pension funds into fossil fuel corporations. That means workers’ pensions are accelerating dangerous climate change. They are overly risky long term investments and they funnel capital out of local lives, jobs and economies into corporate profits of the likes of BP and Shell.

Briefing from Platform London, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy and One Million Climate Jobs

November 2015

Energy Beyond Neoliberalism

Part of Doreen Massey and Stuart Hall’s Kilburn Manifesto published by Lawrence & Wishart, a manifesto exploring energy alternatives that break with the foundational assumptions of the neoliberal order.