Labour Energy Forum promotes bold left visions for a clean, reindustrialised and democratised economy and energy system. We believe in a future that is desirable, hopeful and brave.

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Show your support for divestment of local government pensions from fossil fuels, and reinvestment into social housing and clean energy, in line with fiduciary duty.

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Repowering Britain is a 2-day series of #Lab17 fringe events in Brighton debating how we can transform our economy, society and energy system. We will bring together thinkers and doers from across the Labour Party and trade union movement to articulate a just and clean future. #Repower

Download "Who Owns the Wind"

Offshore wind will power the UK across the 21st century, transforming our lives and industry. But we've analysed who owns UK wind turbines, and it is predominantly by foreign or private companies — undermining jobs and democracy. Instead, Labour can lead with a vision for Public Offshore Wind.